Forest Bond, Producer & Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter

Minor Drama Studio

Minor Drama creates avant-garde & feelings-forward audio.

This is the creative home for musician, composer, & engineer Forest Bond.

Things I like to do:

  • Music composition & production for records, films, & multimedia projects
  • Mixing for music projects

I am trained as an electrical engineer & pianist, and have both a history in electronic music & a deep love for film music.

I work out of a self-designed acoustically-treated mobile project studio in my 1998 Safari Trek motorhome. I can work remotely or on location in North America.

Work Samples


This is a small selection of tracks created by Forest at Minor Drama Studio & released under a variety of aliases.

These tracks portray something of how I like to express myself musically. My affinity for trip hop & British electronic music, with its melting pot of influences from house & techno, dub & reggae, and hip hop—is evident; as is my love for film music—music that captures the essence of a moment & stretches it out, building an emotional space that can be occupied & experienced.

All tracks composed, produced, & mixed by Forest at Minor Drama Studio.


This is a small selection of tracks mixed & lightly mastered by Forest at Minor Drama Studio.

Mixcraft is at the heart of my process. I genuinely love doing this work & find it deeply fulfilling to hear a song truly become itself through the careful & thoughtful application of the craft.

My experience is that some clients want a final master from the mix engineer, & others prefer to have the final mastering done by a separate mastering engineer. My mastering process is more than adequate for release to most streaming platforms. For clients that want to go the extra mile & work with a mastering engineer I am happy to provide premaster files ready to be sent to mastering houses.

I do recommend working with a mastering engineer when releasing on physical media & for tracks that must be very loud—especially those intended for club play. These folks spend their entire careers developing techniques for achieving these goals—work with them!


Vestigial is an arcade game being developed by Surreality Games. As Surreality founder Robin Lloyd-Miller puts it:

“Vestigial is a quad-stick shooter where you play as a super-plant reclaiming Earth. Mech meets arcade style!”

The energetic game score, created by Minor Drama, features synth sounds reminiscent of the vintage arcade era & militaristic themes suggestive of classic combat games, paired with more contemporary electronic music influences & foreboding undercurrents that hint at the game’s apocalyptic premise, complementing its compelling blend of fast-paced fun & dire socio-ecological commentary.

All tracks composed, produced, mixed, & mastered by Forest at Minor Drama Studio.

Additional details on the game are forthcoming!